Abstract through Function

19 March 2013 - 30 April 2013

ARK Kultur, after the new institutional regulation with regard to implement the projects which are based on the conjunction of contemporary art with design and architecture, is hosting the first exhibition of the works of Yılmaz Zenger.

The exhibition called “Abstract through Function” offers a selection of creative and material-oriented features of Zenger’s productions in relation to his varied professions: industrial designer, architect, sculptor and teacher. In accordance with the different conceptual frameworks, Zenger’s works of design and sculpture which are produced with the different materials and production methods are come together in two categories of sculpted furniture and sculpture vested.

In the sculpted furniture section, the objects of everyday life which are represented in the highest level of functioning reflect an aesthetic point of view where design meets art. One’s personal experiences in a life time, historical and cultural values of the city are often transferred to symbolic references to the item in the abstract sculptural forms of Zenger’s furniture.

About the sculptures vested, taking into account of the creation of new materials and production methods which guide the vision of the designer, the implementation of this approach on abstract forms is considered. While the discovery of the designer about the new materials is adopting an ecologist consciousness, the implementation of the materials in aspect of the form intends to search the cultural layers of the relationship between people and the environment they settled and the cities they lived throughout the history of civilization.

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